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Energy-Efficient Refrigeration

Frigo Refrigeration offer Energy-Efficiency Refrigeration system, Energy saver or energy saving refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Save up to 30% on monthly electicity bills.Emerson Climate Technologies offers the broadest, most reliable condensing unit product line possible. Energy is one of the biggest issues that will be facing the world in the coming decades. Emerson climate technologies is committed to protecting the environment and providing solutions that decrease energy consumption. The Air-conditioning and Refrigeration business units of Emerson Climate Technologies are dedicated to breaking the standard when it comes to energy efficiency. Emerson Climate Technologies also has several air conditioning and refrigeration products that focus on improving your home's energy efficiency.


Upgrade and save

Save up to 30% on monthly electricity bills when you upgrade your existing refrigeration system to energy saving refrigeration system. Copeland digital Scroll condensing units are specifically designed to run at higher ambient temperatures less noise during operation. The digital scroll technology is up to 30% more efficient than traditional methods of compressor modulation. When maximum cooling is needed to maintain complete comfort, Copeland Scroll Digital compressors are there to cool at 100% capacity. But comfort is needed at off-peak hours too. When less cooling is needed, Copeland Scroll Digital compressor can cool in as little as 10% of its capacity.



Nine Reasons to Switch to a Variable-Capacity, Digitally Modulated Compressor

  1. Reduced food shrinkage
  2. Preserved brand
  3. Improved operator profit margins
  4. Increased energy efficiency
  5. Fewer maintenance costs and improved system reliability
  6. Reduced compressor cycling frequencies (from hundreds to teens)
  7. Lowered compressor investment
  8. Achieved energy efficiency targets
  9. New-refrigerant friendly